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Soup Restaurant

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Daily, 10:00AM - 10:00PM

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“A bright splash of color in the 1930’s Chinatown with her trademark red headdress, the Samsui Lady was amongst the pioneers who built modern Singapore. An icon of Chinatown known for her simplicity, dedication & resilience, she continues to hold a spot in the history of Singapor


Here at Soup Restaurant, we enliven the Samsui heritage by bringing to you our authentic Chinatown Heritage Cuisine where our signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, steamed dishes & double-boiled herbal soups are prepared with the same simple & sincere dedication to serve you.”


Are you aware of the history of the Samsui women in Chinatown who lived on a subsistence level and only get to eat their Samsui Ginger Chicken during the Chinese New Year?


At Soup Restaurant “Samsui Chicken” is prepared in the same traditional way. The whole chicken is steamed-cooked for a predetermined duration and temperature, thus, maintaining its rich chicken aroma and taste.


The art of consuming “Samsui Ginger Chicken” is to dip the chicken into ginger sauce and wrapping them with fresh lettuce. Traditionally, ginger has been used for prevention of “cold” and relief of the “wind” in the body.


The Samsui women of Chinatown may have faded away, the legend of our Chinatown Heritage Cuisine is here to stay and it will remain forever and ever….