[Advisory] Attraction tickets can also be purchased at the Jewel counter located at Terminal 2 Arrival Hall (near Belt 31). 

Jewel BeLeafers Programme

Participation Period



Canopy Park / Shiseido Forest Valley


Ever wondered how the trees and plants at Jewel are maintained? We are now offering an opportunity for interested parties to have a hands-on experience of tending to the plants at Singapore’s iconic destination, Jewel! You will get to learn more about the behind-the-scenes at the best airport in the world!


Do you enjoy gardening? The BeLeafers programme offers you a hands-on experience with gardening not just at Jewel, but also at other locations in the airport community. This can double up as a great bonding activity for friends and families.


Everyone is welcomed, from gardening novice to experts, you can now be a part of the team involved in the gardening sessions at Jewel and the airport.


Learn basic pruning and weeding techniques, or even have a chat with our horticulture expert about all plant-related questions when you participate in the BeLeafers volunteer programme.


These sessions will take you through the lush and tranquil landscapes of the Shiseido Forest Valley, Canopy Park, Jewel’s external gardens and even Changi Airport nursery. Do dress comfortably as you will need to bend or squat as you tend to our plants!  


Sign up for the BeLeafers volunteer programme here today!


*The programme is open to able-bodied participants ages 13 years old and above, and volunteers who are able to handle gardening/sharp tools.