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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the most frequently asked questions and details about Jewel Changi Airport.

1.    What are the parking charges in Jewel?

Please refer to https://www.jewelchangiairport.com/en/getting-to-jewel.html.


2.    Is Jewel located in the transit area?

 Jewel is located on the landside and accessible to everyone, including local residents and travellers.


3.    Can transit passengers visit Jewel?

We recommend transit passengers to cater for at least 5 hours of transit time to comfortably visit and experience Jewel. All passengers are reminded to check in for their departing flights at least 2 hours before their flight departure time. For the latest information on transiting in Singapore, please refer here


4.    Where is the drop-off/pick-up point in Jewel?

The drop-off/pickup point is located at the L2 Main Entrance.


5.    Does the Changi Airport sky train stop in Jewel?

While the skytrain connecting Terminals 2 and 3 will pass through Jewel, there will not be any skytrain station within the complex.   


6.    How do I go to T1 / T2 / T3 / T4 from Jewel?

- From Terminal 1:

 Jewel is connected to the Arrival Hall (level 1) of Terminal 1.


- From Terminal 2:

Jewel is a 5 to 10-minute walk via a link bridge from the Departure Hall (level 2) of Terminal 2 (near row 1)


- From Terminal 3:

Jewel is a 5 to 10-minute walk via a link bridge from the Departure Hall (level 2) of Terminal 3 (next to the entrance of Crowne Plaza hotel). Free shuttle bus service is available between Terminal 3 Departure Door 8 and Jewel. 


- From Terminal 4:

Take the free shuttle bus from Terminal 4 Arrival Lounge to Jewel/ Terminal 1 (opposite Jewel Level 2 Drop-off point). Direct shuttle bus service (T4 - Jewel) is available from 6am to 12am daily, while loop bus service (T4 - T3 - T1 - T4) is available from 1am to 6am daily.

8.    Are pets allowed in Jewel?
There are no plans for animal play zones in Jewel. However, Jewel is a guide-dog friendly property for visitors with vision impairment.


9.    Are there Michelin-starred restaurants in Jewel?

There are F&B tenants in Jewel that have received the Michelin star, such as Tsuta (Singapore), Putien (Singapore) and Kam’s Roast (Hong Kong).


10.    What are the shops that are operational 24 hours?

There are shops with extended hours in Jewel. Search our Shop & Dine listing to find out more.


11.    Is there a prayer room in Jewel?

There are no prayer rooms in Jewel. The nearest prayer rooms located in Changi Airport are located in the transit areas.


12.    Are there any vegetarian food options in Jewel?

We do have restaurants that serve vegetarian options. Please check with the restaurant directly. 


13.   Are helium balloons allowed in Jewel?

Guests are not allowed to bring in helium balloons as the removal of such items will be a challenge in Jewel's unique architecture.


14.   Are bicycles allowed in Jewel?

Only foldable bicycles are allowed in Jewel and they must remain folded within the premises of Jewel and shall not be left unattended at all times.

Cyclists with non-foldable bicycles can park them at the Hub & Spoke Cafe or at the racks along the Changi Airport Connector between the Hub & Spoke Cafe and Terminal 2. Carpark 4A at Terminal 4 has a pit stop facility where cyclists can park their bicycles or perform maintenance works too. 


15.    What should I do if I have misplaced my belongings in Jewel?

Do approach our Experience Concierges for assistance. Counters are located at B1, L1, L2 and L5.


16.    Where are the nursing rooms located in Jewel?

Baby Care (nursing) rooms are conveniently located on every level from B2 to L4.

Amenities include: diaper changing stations, hot & cold water dispensers and cubicles for nursing 


17.    Is GST applicable in Jewel?  Will there be GST waiver for Changi Rewards Card?

As Jewel Changi Airport is located on the landside of Singapore Changi Airport, GST waiver is not applicable in Jewel. Jewel currently does not offer any GST refund service, please proceed to Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 for assistance. 


18.    Are strollers and wheelchairs available in Jewel?

Wheelchairs and strollers are available for loan* for added mobility when you explore Jewel. Available at the Concierge counters on L1 and L2. *A nominal refundable deposit is required.

19.    Can I take my wedding photos at Jewel? 

Wedding photography can be conducted in Jewel and prior approval is required. Please click here to access and fill in the request form for submission to contact.us@jewelchangiairport.com. We kindly request for all guests to read through our Terms and Conditions included in the document, before submitting their request. 

For requests within the premises of Changi Airport (incuding link bridges connecting T2/T3 to Jewel), you may reach out to the relevant department directly at filmphoto@changiairport.com.


20.    Can I fly a drone in Jewel? 

The operation of drones or unmanned aircraft within 5km of Changi Airport will require a permit from CAAS. Please refer to the CAAS website for more information about permit application.

For flying of drones in Jewel, a filming permit from Jewel is required and is only permissible when approvals from both CAAS and Jewel are granted. Please refer to question 21 below for more information on the application of the Jewel filming permit.


21.    Am I able to do filming and photography for commercial purposes in Jewel?

Application is required for all wedding, commercial and media filming/photography in Jewel. 

For wedding or commercial filming and photography enquiries, please email contact.us@jewelchangiairport.com

For media filming and photography enquiries, please email corpcomms@jewelchangiairport.com.

22.    What are the show times for HSBC Rain Vortex Light & Sound Showcase?

The HSBC Light & Sound Showcase operates at the following timings:

Mon - Thu: 8.00pm, 9.00pm
Fri - Sun, Eve of PH & PH: 8.00pm, 9.00pm and 10.00pm


23.   Does the HSBC Rain Vortex operate 24/7? 

The HSBC Rain Vortex operates daily with the following operating hours: 
Mon - Thu: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
Fri - Sun, including PH: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Please click here for questions on Jewel Double Rewards.

24. Where can I purchase tickets to the attractions? 

Tickets can be purchased online via the Jewel website or from the digital kiosks located around Jewel. Bundle Deals 1, 2, 3 and 4 can only be purchased online. Click here to find out more.


25. Are the tickets refundable?

We regret that tickets sold are non-refundable.


26. Can I buy tickets on the day of my visit?

Yes, but tickets are subject to availability. Do check the operating hours before you visit.


27. Is there bulk purchase discount?

Yes, for more information on bulk purchase discount, kindly email to sales@jewelchangiairport.com.


28. Is there an annual pass?

Please click here for more information. 


29. Are the tickets transferrable?

The tickets are transferrable.


30. Can I sell the tickets online if I am not able to visit?

Sale of tickets to a third party other than the official channels are not allowed. 


31. What are the attractions located at the Canopy Park (L5)? 

Canopy Park houses a variety of play attractions and creative gardens:

1)      Discovery Slides

2)      Foggy Bowls

3)      Petal Garden

4)      Topiary Walk

5)      Mastercard® Canopy Bridge*

6)      Hedge Maze*

7)      Mirror Maze*

8)      Bouncing Net*

9)      Walking Net*

*Additional admission charges apply

Please check individual attraction's pages for more information. 


32. Is there any attire requirements to visit the attractions? 

Guests are encouraged to avoid wearing skirts or dresses onto the Bouncing Net, Walking Net and Mastercard® Canopy Bridge. Pants are recommended to ensure the modesty of our guests. Covered shoes must be worn when visiting the Bouncing Net and Walking Net. 


33. Are there any height and/or age restrictions to visit the attractions? 

There is no minimum age or height limit to visit the Canopy Park. However, for the safety of all guests, height and safety restrictions are stipulated for the following attractions: Discovery Slides, Bouncing Net and Walking Net. Please check individual attraction's pages for more information. 


34. If I missed the time slot indicated on my ticket for a time-based attraction, will I be allowed to enter at another timing?

Some of the attractions have capacity limitation for each time-slot. The park rangers have the rights to deny access if you missed the time slot indicated on your ticket. This is to ensure that all guests can enjoy the attractions safely. 


35. Are food and drinks allowed in the Canopy Park? 

Food and drinks are not allowed in the Canopy Park. 


36. Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child who is under the age of 3? 

Children below the age of 3 can enter the Canopy Park without a ticket. 


37. Is re-entry allowed to the Canopy Park? 

Yes, ticket holders to the Canopy Park can re-enter the park within the same day. 


38. Where can I store my bags and valuables?

There are lockers available in the Canopy Park for handbags, valuables and other small items.  For larger items such as luggage, please make use of the baggage storage facility* located on Level 1. 
*Charges apply.