[Advisory] Attraction tickets can also be purchased at the Jewel counter located at Terminal 2 Arrival Hall (near Belt 31). 

Traveller's Information

Enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free experience, with a suite of facilities and services tailored for every traveller.

Baggage Storage

Don't be bogged down by your hand-carry luggage. The Left Baggage service at L1 allows you to explore Jewel unencumbered, while your belongings are safely held for you.

Do note that several attractions do not permit luggage to be brought in with you.

Find out more here.


*Charges apply.

Approach our Experience Concierges for assistance on General and Lost & Found enquiries, and a variety of other services. Counters are located at B2, L1, L2, L3 and L5.
You can buy major currencies from the FXCHANGE kiosks at B1 and L4.

Want to explore Jewel before you depart Singapore?  Simply come earlier and make use of the early check-in facilities at L1. There, you can check-in your baggage and enjoy a hands-free experience at Jewel before it is time to catch your flight.


Click here for the full list of participating airlines.

Claim your Goods and Services Tax refunds before you leave Singapore, from the Electronic Tourist Refund self-help (eTRS) kiosk at L1. Please have your passport, plane tickets, receipts and purchased items with you for a smooth process.


Note: eTRS kiosk operates between 12.00pm - 8.00pm.

Keep your mobile phones charged and ready. Loan a power bank for up to 12 hours of free usage.


- Open an account with the service provider at the Experience Concierge on L2

Charges apply after the first 12 hours