Welcome to the ChangiVerse

Venture into the ChangiVerse, where your imagination can truly take flight in this virtual reality airport! Embark on a journey of endless possibilities and explore extraordinary landscapes with new friends from around the world. Complete quests to unlock limited-edition collectibles, beat high scores to win a pair of round-trip tickets, and discover the hidden surprises waiting for you around every corner.

With infinite adventures waiting for you, it’s time to let your imagination take flight. Join us in the ChangiVerse and experience the magic of Changi Airport like never before.

About ChangiVerse

Conquer ChangiVerse and level up like a pro

Experience Changi Airport in a new light, where endless adventures await you!

Play exciting Games and complete Quests

From racing in Changi Kart, scaling the control tower as an Obby Expert, to honing your skills as a Baggage Expert or Check-in Champ – there’s never a dull moment in ChangiVerse. 

Check out more at the section on Changi Kart & other games!

Collect all 'em Butterfly Tokens

Keep your eyes peeled once you step into the magical world of ChangiVerse, as purple butterfly tokens await you at every turn. 

Psst, special golden butterfly tokens lay hidden in 5 secret locations. Think you can find them all? Enter the ChangiVerse to begin your search today!

Redeem exclusive and limited-edition Collectibles

To explore ChangiVerse right, you have to do it in style. Stand out from the crowd with cool swag like Butterfly Wings, Dino Luggage, unique Plane Skins – all redeemable with Butterfly Tokens! 

Explore these places in ChangiVerse!

Jewel Changi Airport

Kickstart your exciting journey in ChangiVerse with your first stop at the iconic Jewel Changi Airport. Marvel at the world's tallest indoor waterfall, explore the glamp tents and teleport through portals to enter other locations!

Terminal 3

This is the gateway to Changi Kart and other immersive mini-games like Baggage Expert and Check-in Champ. Chat with Max and other NPCs in the Departure Hall to get started on quests! Psst, Level 7 players get special access to the VIP Lounge with exclusive collectibles!

Airport Boulevard

Get a bird’s eye view of  the Airport Boulevard when you scale up the control tower via the mini-game - Obby Expert. Wave hello to the skytrain travelling through the terminals and Jewel or to the dinosaurs at Jurassic Mile! You can choose to walk or go-kart around this area.

Plane Hangar

Check out the impressive line-up of planes right here! Design your dream plane with the Plane Configurator, where you’ll get to choose from a collection of unique planes and plane skins.

Changi Kart & Other Games

Play games to earn tokens and level up! 

Feel the adrenaline rush at Changi Kart

Ready, get set, go-kart! Race to the top of the leaderboard each week by levelling up in Changi Kart – race against the clock, zoom through thrilling turns and level up to increase your go-kart’s max speed. Collect purple Butterfly Tokens to boost your speed whilst avoiding obstacles such as laser windmills or the sweeping tails of dinosaurs lumbering alongside the track.

P.s. Check out the contest section to find out how you can win a pair of round-trip air tickets when you race at Changi Kart  😉

Save the day as ChangiVerse’s Baggage Expert

Missing baggage? No problem. Take on the role as a Baggage Expert at Terminal 3 and search for the correct baggage that matches each passenger’s description. Interact with NPCs at the Departure Hall to begin your quest!

Tip: Attention to detail is key to becoming ChangiVerse’s Baggage Expert!

Be the ultimate Check-in Champ

Checking-in in the ChangiVerse is a breeze – with your help as a Check-in Champ! Lend a hand at Terminal 3 at the check-in kiosks by interacting with NPCs to kick-start your quest!

Tip: Look closely at the flags on each check-in kiosk before checking-in!


Race to the top of the Changi Kart monthly leaderboard and win air tickets!

Every month, the player with the fastest lap timing is eligible to win a pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Class round-trip tickets. Winners residing in Singapore may select any destination with a direct flight from Singapore, while overseas winners will be rewarded with a flight to Singapore and see Changi Airport come to life, in person.

Contest period: 13 April 2023 (0000hrs, UTC) to 30 September 2023 (0000hrs, UTC)

Monthly winners must write in to changiverse@changiairport.com within 10 days from the date of announcement, with a screenshot of your profile's QR code like the example below. 

As a condition of entry into the Contest, each Participant affirms and represents that he/she is either (a) 18 years of age and older and agrees to be bound in all respects by these Terms and Conditions, or (b) if a Participant is below 18 years old, he/she must and will be deemed to have in any event, obtained consent from his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s), their acceptance of these T&Cs and their agreement to take responsibility for his/her acts and omissions in connection with his/her entry into this Contest and/or use of the Prize(s), as the case may be. CAG shall have the right to request proof of his/her parents’ consent at any time.

This Contest is open to participants who (each a “Participant” and collectively the “Participants”) are not persons within the Excluded Categories.

“Excluded Categories” refer to:

  1. Directors and employees of CAG and any of the subsidiaries, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, CAG’s appointed agencies (including Accenture Pte Ltd, Ogilvy Singapore Pte Ltd, Havas Media Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, TOTALLYAWESOME SINGAPORE PTE. LTD), vendors, auditors, including any other persons who are involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the Contest;
  2. Immediate family members of persons who fall within the class of persons referred to above. “Immediate family members” refer to spouses, children, parents, parents-in-law and siblings;
  3. Any person who is or becomes insane, deceased, insolvent or is the subject of a criminal investigation, or has criminal proceedings instituted against him/her in any jurisdiction (at the time of entry and/or the draw); 
  4. Any person whose participation in and/or association with the Contest may cause (in the sole and absolute opinion of CAG) and/or the Contest, any disrepute, contempt, scandal, ridicule, or cause CAG and/or the Contest to be perceived unfavourably; and 
  5. Any other person or class of persons deemed ineligible or notified by CAG as being ineligible from time to time

The Contest shall commence from 13 April 2023 (0000hrs, UTC) and end on 30 September 2023 (2359hrs, UTC) (the “Contest Period”).

The details on how to take part in the Contest and how to stand a chance to win the Contest are as stated below:  

  • Each Participant shall have a valid Roblox account; and

  • Complete any one of the relevant contest categories stated below, in the ChangiVerse. 

S/N Contest Category Mechanics
1 Monthly Fastest Racer  

Fastest Participant based on record time.

Leaderboard is reset every 1st of the month at 0000hrs, UTC.


The following prizes have been allocated for the Contest (each a “Prize”, collectively the “Prizes”): 


Contest Category

Monthly Fastest Racer  


Singapore Airlines Economy Class round-trip tickets for two (2) pax (economy class)

For Participants who reside in Singapore: the flight shall depart from Singapore, and the destination shall be one of the locations that Singapore Airlines directly fly to from Singapore.

For Participants who are not residing in Singapore: the origin shall be based on the closest city with a direct flight route to Singapore, via Singapore Airlines. The destination shall be Singapore.  

“Directly” means that the flight does not involve any transfers, transit and/or code-sharing. For clarity, a Singapore-London-Singapore round-trip is a “direct” flight; notwithstanding that the final destination is the same, a Singapore-Frankfurt-London-Frankfurt-Singapore round-trip is not a “direct” flight. 


Participants who complete the mechanics stated in paragraph 3.2 will be eligible to stand a chance to win the Prizes (each, the “Prize Winner”). Prizes for each Contest Category (eg. Singapore Airlines Economy Class round-trip tickets for two pax, for the Monthly Fastest Racer) is limited to one (1) redemption per Roblox user ID account. 

All Prize Winner(s) will be selected and announced within thirty (30) calendar days following the end of the Contest, or such other later date as may be determined by CAG and/or notified on its official website (at www.changiairport.com/changiverse). The announcement and results will also be shown on the information boards/ leaderboards in ChangiVerse.  

All Prize Winner(s) must respond and claim the Prize in writing by email to changiverse@changiairport.com within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the announcement, failing which the Prizes shall be treated as unclaimed and shall be deemed forfeited. Prizes must be claimed in the manner and by the date notified by CAG, which may be changed at CAG’s absolute discretion.

All Prize Winner(s) shall provide proof of identity, age and residency and such other documents as CAG may reasonably require. If the Prize Winner(s) is unable to provide, he or she shall be deemed to have forfeited the Prize.  

In the event that there is doubt or suspicion that an unfair advantage was obtained so as to the achieve the timings obtained in any in-game race, CAG reserves the right to require any Participant submit a screen recording of the Participant’s game play which must show that the Participant could achieve a timing that is equivalent or close to (as CAG may solely determine) the in-game timing obtained. In the event that CAG requests for such a recording and the Participant fails, neglects and/or otherwise refuses to provide the recording or is unable to achieve the required timing, CAG may, as it may solely determine, disqualify the Participant and refuse to award the Prize to the Participant.

All Prize Winners shall redeem their Prize/flight tickets through CAG’s appointed travel partner and/or agency (if any). CAG shall provide the Prize Winners with the contact details of the appointed travel partner and/or agency (if any) and it shall be the Prize Winner’s responsibility to take such steps to make contact with the appointed travel partner and/or agency (if any) so as to redeem the flight tickets and conclude a booking. 

All Prize(s) are only valid for redemption for a period of six (6) months from the date of award (both dates inclusive), after which the Prize shall be deemed forfeited, and there shall be strictly no extensions. CAG will not entertain any appeals whatsoever.

All flight bookings must depart to or return from the same city (e.g. a flight departing from Singapore must return to Singapore), and the two (2) round-trip tickets must be redeemed and booked in the same booking. One of the passengers must be the Prize Winner. Prize Winners are not allowed to redeem and book the flight tickets across separate bookings. 

All Prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit, goods or benefits-in-kind, unless otherwise stated. There shall be no refund or exchange for any partially used or unused prize. CAG reserves the right to replace or change the Prizes without prior notice.

By participating in the Contest, you confirm that you consent to the collection, use, processing and disclosure of your data (including personal data) in accordance with Changi Airport’s Privacy Policy, which is available at: https://www.changiairport.com/en/privacy-policy.html. Such personal data includes but is not limited to your full name, Roblox user identification number/name, email address, contact details, date of birth, home address, flight arrival and/or departure details. We may also collect information that is sent automatically by your web browser, computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device, if applicable.

The purposes for which personal data collected by CAG from you may be used and/or shared with third parties include but are not limited to conducting and administering the Contest and communicating with you in relation to the Contest; facilitating the selection and notification of Prize Winners, promoting and advertising the Prize Winners; matching your personal data collected through the Contest registration page with other data that CAG holds in its database so as to optimise operations and improve the services offered (such as providing relevant and personalised content) to you via your registered mobile or email address provided; statistical analysis; and for CAG to fulfil its obligations under these Terms & Conditions. In particular, if you are a Prize Winner, you further and specifically consent to CAG providing such third party travel agency and/or partner and/or airline, all such personal data provided to us so as to facilitate the redemption and booking of the Prize/flight tickets, contact you for marketing purposes and/or to conduct analysis and research (collectively, the “Relevant Purposes”).

Full Terms & Conditions here



Give your most constructive feedback on ChangiVerse and stand to win a 20USD Robux digital gift card!

Tell us what you loved, what you didn't enjoy as much, and ideas to make ChangiVerse a better experience. From 29 to 5 July 2023 (both dates inclusive), participants who gives the most constructive feedback will stand a chance to win a 20USD Robux digital gift card daily.

Contest period:

29 June 2023 (0000hrs, Singapore Time/ GMT +8) to 5 July 2023 (2359hrs, Singapore Time/ GMT +8)

Participants must provide their Roblox username for verification that they have played ChangiVerse. 

Terms and Conditions