Emack & Bolio's

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Daily, 10:00AM - 12:00AM

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Birthed in Boston, USA, in 1975, Emack & Bolio's see themselves as the rockstars of the ice cream world. Featuring a whopping collection of 100 fabulous flavours, Emack & Bolio’s promises to use ingredients of the highest quality, and don’t add dyes or use milk from genetically hormone-induced cows.


One of their signature items is the Marsh "Mellow" Cone, which comes covered with Oreos, Rice Krispies and Froot Loops. Then there are also the ice cream pizzas, hand-made chocolates, home-made hot fudge sauce, incredible smoothies, shakes, frozen yogurts, and sorbets… you have to make your way down to discover the full list!