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Key Facts


Connected to T1, T2 and T3


Hotel facilities


2,500 car park spaces


Accessible from Changi Airport MRT station


Pokémon Explorer is a mobile game that allows player to complete 10 different missions located around Jewel. Through the game, players can earn points that allow them to rise up the ranks and become one of the top players featured on the Hall of Fame leader board displayed at the Pokémon Center Singapore (#04-201/202).


Pokémon Explorer is a collaboration between Jewel Changi Airport and The Pokémon Company.

Download the Jewel App to play today!

Apple Store

  • Click here to download from the Apple Store. 


Google Play Store

  • Click here to download from the Google Play store. 

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most frequently asked questions that will help you to kickstart your PEX journey!

1.    How do I download PEX?

Pokémon Explorer is a feature of the Jewel Changi Airport Mobile App (Jewel App). You may wish to download the Jewel app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Click here to download from the Apple Store. 

Click here to download from the Google Play store. 


2.    Where can I play PEX?

PEX is designed to complement the various attractions within Jewel. This includes the attractions at Canopy Park located at level 5 of Jewel. You need to be physically in Jewel to enjoy the fun!

Please check the operating hours of Canopy Park here.
Please check the operating hours of Pokémon Center here.

There are 10 missions located around Jewel, from Level 1 to Level 5. Guests are encouraged to explore the various attractions to find them all.​​

P.S. Look out for Instagram-worthy spots within Jewel.


3.    How do I save my score in PEX?

You are encouraged to register for Changi Rewards membership/log in to your Changi Rewards account in order to save your PEX scores.

For more information, please refer to


4.    What is the software requirement?

To ensure optimised experience, please ensure your device supports

  • Android : Marshmallow (6.0) and above
  • iOS : 10 and above

and with at least 2GB free storage space.


5.    What are the device permissions required for PEX to work?

  1. Bluetooth must be switched on to detect signals from the Play Areas
  2. Microphone is required for sound recognition
  3. Camera is required to scan the PEX plaque, for facial recognition and photography/selfie feature within the app
  4. Location function to activate the required mission when you enter the play zone
  5. Storage (Android) / Photos (iOS) is required to save the photos taken during the missions


6.    How do I grant PEX the necessary permission?

  • Click “Allow” during the installation process and/or when prompted during the missions.
  • You can also grant permission via
    • iOS: Settings --> Privacy --> Grant the necessary licenses
    • Android : Settings --> App--> Jewel --> Permissions


7.    How do I connect to the WIFI in Jewel?

  1. Select #WiFi@Jewel from the WiFi Settings
  2. Launch your web browser and enter a valid website - e.g.
  3. Click "Start Surfing" and enjoy the complimentary WiFi in Jewel

As data charges may apply, you are encouraged to connect to the Free WiFi in Jewel.


8.    Why does my screen show network error?

Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet via your data plan or Jewel Free WiFi.


9.   Why am i stuck at the downloading/ loading screen?

Please ensure that you are connected to a stable network. You may also wish to quit the app and try again later.


10.   What does it mean when the "No Signal Icon" appears on the map?

Please ensure that you are within Jewel and near the PEX Check Points.

You may wish to check if your Bluetooth is “On” and location permission is granted to PEX.


11.   Why can't I play the advanced mode?

Advanced mode can only be unlocked upon completing all the missions in  Normal Mode.


12.   Why can't I register my player name?

Please ensure your player name consist of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) of up to 12 characters. Inappropriate words will be rejected. 


13.   What is the role of the Partner Pokémon?

The Partner Pokémon may appear and help you with the missions. It will be displayed in the ranking along with your player name.

You are not able to change your partner Pokémon once selected, so please choose carefully.


14.   Why am I unable to control the orientation/ direction with my movement?

Please quit the app, re-start your phone and try again.

If this does not solve the problem, re-calibrate your device by holding your device in your hand, wave it in the air in the pattern of a figure-eight a few times and then set the device back down on a flat surface.


15.   Why is Whimsicott not responsive when I blow into the phone?

Please ensure that you disconnected all wired and wireless (Bluetooth) devices, which may interfere with the microphone feature.


16.   Why is Whimsicott responding when I am not doing anything?

Whimsicott may be responding to the ambience noise. Please move to an area with less ambience noise. 


17. Why is PEX draining all my battery?

Keep your mobile phones charged and ready. Rent a power bank for up to 12 hours of free usage at the L2 Concierge. Please visit the concierge counter for more information. 

18.    What is the Pokémon Centre?

Jewel Changi Airport is home to the first permanent Pokémon Center in Asia outside Japan. The store is a real-life replica of the Pokémon Center featured in the gaming world.

At Pokémon Centre,  you can purchase the same merchandise sold at the Pokémon Center in Japan.

Original merchandise created exclusively for Pokémon will also be available. This includes plush toys, stationery, Pokémon Trading Card Games, video games and many more!

More information about Pokémon Center Singapore can be found at



Pokémon Explorer is designed to be played within Jewel and players are advised to abide by the following when playing:

  • ​Players should always watch out for their surroundings. Do not play while walking or when the play zone gets too crowded. 
  • Players are reminded to hold on to their phone firmly to avoid dropping it.
  • Players should stay clear of railings and water features.
  • Players should stay clear of common walkways and escalator landings.
  • Parents and guardians are advised to guide and supervise their children’s use of the app, including where to play and how to use a mobile phone app safely.
  • Players are to observe and comply with all safety barriers, signs and instructions issued by officers, employees and/or agents of Jewel Changi Airport. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or expulsion.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte. Ltd. and/or Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. shall not be liable in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any (i) direct loss; (ii) indirect or consequential loss; (iii) damage; (iv) cost and expense; or (v) loss of profits, suffered by you and/or your child/ward arising from or in connection with the use of these premises or facilities.

If there is any valid security or safety concerns, Jewel reserves the right to stop the service temporarily.

Jewel collects information in order to operate the experience and to optimize and improve our products and services. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information at

Key Facts


Connected to T1, T2 and T3


Hotel facilities


2,500 car park spaces


Accessible from Changi Airport MRT station