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gifts from singapore


Gifts with our country in mind and our people at heart.

Singaporeans love the mingling of our multiple cultures in food and lifestyle. We are always proud to see our favourite hawker dishes, local way of life and iconic landmarks being featured on international platforms and appreciated by a global audience. Should a group of tourists venture and keenly ask for what to see and do in the neighbourhood, we would gladly point them in the right direction.


Souvenir-shopping can often be a discovery in itself. When browsing the shelves for something to remember Singapore by, tourists look for symbols they associate with, by experience or reputation. One wonders — what types of mementos would we recommend to a tourist, to buy as a personal keepsake or as gifts for family and friends back home?


There are many homegrown brands at Jewel that represent our Singapore culture. Some reflect nostalgia with timeless narratives, while some excel at conveying modern pursuits — all with local flair. Even a born-and-bred Singaporean might experience familiar names in a new light. Here are some stores that express what it means to be a product of Singapore.


The Cookie Museum. #01-234

Satisfy the sweet tooth, or even the savoury! The baked goods from this homegrown modern confectionery are one way for tourists to bring back the flavours of Singapore. They also make perfect gifts for Singaporeans living overseas, to savour a trip down memory lane from miles away.


Upon entering the welcoming space, just ask for assistance from friendly staff who generously offer samples to satisfy your heart’s desires. While you can still go with more common cookie varieties made with love, the Singapore heritage flavours are likely to awaken parts of your palate you never noticed before.


Enjoy the essence of Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Chilli Crab or Chicken Rice in one bite. Treat your taste buds to Barley Lychee, Pandan Chiffon or Durian with a crunch. Packaged within ornately designed tins that are already gift-worthy, each cookie delectably encapsulates the aromas of Singapore’s beloved hawker fare and local delicacies. 

Little Red Dot Gifts. #01-238

Neatly flanked by 24k gold-plated natural orchids and animal sculptures from RISIS on the right, and by stacked boxes of flavourful teas from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. on the left, this store also offers an attractive mix of lifestyle items from various other local brands.


Pick up a selection of souvenirs by the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Choose from tote bags, foldable umbrellas, travel tumblers, cookies, chocolates, keychains, room mists, luxury reed diffusers and more, all bearing characteristics of local flora.


If Singapore architecture has caught your eye, bring home its appeal with something by Now & Then, such as mugs designed with motifs of iconic landmarks. For those who love setting a dinner table with conversation-starters, then a set of saucers, mugs or spoons from the Peranakan Collection should do the trick.

Asian Artistry Fine Jewellery. #01-246

Walk into a space that tells stories as much as it shines. Picture a collection of jade, gold and silver pieces, full of character and craftsmanship. The beauty of Peranakan, Chinese and Indian heritage and culture is captured within every detail, blending old-world charm with contemporary design.


Other than making purchases, you can also admire a curated display of heirlooms and prized possessions from private collectors that changes every few months. Learn the stories behind jewellery and ornaments that may have adorned generations for decades or even centuries.


For a more personalised experience, such as a wish to create a bespoke piece, their in-house designers are there to assist you. There may even be talks on how a specific culture has influenced jewellery design, so ask about any special events that may occur during your visit.

Naiise Iconic. #02-205

This is a two-storey adventure into homegrown names and overseas labels that have won the hearts of Singaporeans. It has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for the cool or utterly cute, household-centric or humour-filled items, trendy apparel or travel accessories, or even a bite to eat.


Zoom in on supporting local designers, with an entire section on the first floor of the store that displays products by homegrown talents. Toys, tumblers, cushions, coasters, socks, pouches, games, keychains and more — be surrounded by 3D motifs and printed icons, all which look and feel like home to a fellow Singaporean.


Check out The Gift Bar to have your purchases personalised and gift-wrapped. Have a nibble or a sip at The Pantry, their open-concept counter, which features local food and beverage selections. There is even a cosy corner on the upper floor where you can take a short breather from shopping. You can even join monthly workshops, talks and events, or be invited to give inspiration to budding designers in testing out their latest creations at The Launchpad.

Supermama. #02-207

There is something about porcelain that always adds sophistication to a shelf display or table setting. Bring home individual pieces or a full set, artistically embellished with designs and motifs inspired by Singapore’s icons. Supermama's inaugural porcelain collection was awarded the President's Design Award, the highest design accolade in Singapore.


Take the Merlion with you. Perhaps the façade of HDB corridor balconies or the local cityscape in a collage. Maybe the patterns of batik, Peranakan tiles or Nonya kitchenware. How about Jewel’s own HSBC Rain Vortex? Singapore-history buffs may even appreciate a tribute to William Farquhar for his work in developing and managing the island during its colonial days.


Choose from classic two-toned blue and white, or more colourful versions that reflect their inspiration. There are other types of souvenirs available in the store as well — pieces of heritage symbolised in wood, metal, glass or fabric.

Miss Hosay. #02-214

Regardless of how fluent you are in Singlish, the country’s colloquial version of English, you will enjoy the selection of gift ideas here. Even the name of the store is a nod to blending polite salutation with a dialect phrase — loosely translated to mean “in good form”.


Find floor mats, cushion covers, mugs, pouches, notebooks, tote bags and more with humorous illustrations accompanied by Singlish or regional language. Discover Singapore-based brands like When I Was Four and more, for a selection of gift-worthy items for all ages, ranging from tongue-in-cheek goodies to heartfelt trinkets.


If you are visiting Singaporeans who have settled in another part of the world, a home decoration or small item of stationery bearing local childhood memories is sure to please. Even for a local resident, the selection will bring on a smile, if not a hearty chuckle.

D!D Delighting Ideas. #02-215

This is another store to spend time in when looking for souvenirs that rank high on Singaporean traits. There are books entitled, “Strangely Singaporean Book” and “Singlish vs English”, displayed alongside mugs, bowls and plates with Singapore food or landmarks as motifs.


While this is also the only official concept store in South East Asia that carries officially licensed products of The Little Prince, D!D aims to be a retail platform for local artists, and is meant to support Singapore-based illustrators, writers or photographers by showing their work through creative and innovative products.


A whole section is filled with merchandise designed by the mind and hands of local professional illustrator, artist and children’s book author, Lee Kow Fong aka Ah Guo. His beautiful illustrations of childhood dreams and Singapore nostalgia are printed on cushion covers, pouches, postcards, tote bags, folders, notebooks and other easy-to-handle gift options. They can be appreciated as works of art, even without any knowledge of the stories behind his charming creations. 


Discover mementos with local flair and flavours that are great as festive gifts. Seek out travel souvenirs to share with loved ones back home. Find the perfect present to commemorate a first meeting or long-awaited reunion. At Jewel, you can find treasures for a special occasion, or a personal keepsake for a touch of Singapore close by.