Travellers do not need specific approval to leave Singapore. All travellers should check with the authorities of the destination country region on the requirements imposed on travellers departing from Singapore, including whether a pre-departure test and digital health and vaccine certificates are required. 

Travellers are also encouraged to review the latest travel advisories from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to their departure from Singapore.

Information last reviewed: 1 April 2022


Travelling to Indonesia

Eligibility Click here to learn more about your eligibility to travel to Indonesia.
Pre-departure Preparation

Please click here for more information about what to prepare before travelling to Indonesia and documents required when you check-in for your flight at Changi Airport. 

Travellers are advised to arrive early at the airport as there may be a longer check-in or waiting time due to Covid-19 regulations. 

Travellers who do not meet any of the requirements may be refused boarding by the airline. Do check with your airline on the documentation required for boarding.  

Arriving in Indonesia

Upon arrival, travellers will need to undergo a body temperature screening and take the RT-PCR test at the airport. Travellers will need to self-isolate at their accommodation until a negative RT-PCR result is conveyed.

Please check with the following airports or local governments on on-arrival procedures and airport safety information: 

During your stay in Indonesia

Travellers must adhere to the prevailing public health regulations and Safe Management Measures (SMMs) when in Indonesia:

As a general guideline, one should:

  • Always keep the mask on except when eating, drinking, or exercising
  • Follow physical distancing guidelines in public settings, and limit contact with people from outside your social bubble

Please click on the following for more information about prevailing SMMs in Indonesia:

Covid-19 Testing Centres Please click here to find out where you can receive a Covid-19 PCR test in Indonesia.
Returning to Singapore Please refer to the Travelling to Singapore page for more information.
Useful Contacts

Indonesian Embassy to Singapore

Singapore Embassy to Indonesia

As we endeavour to keep the information up to date, you should confirm the accuracy of any information provided with official government sources, as travel restrictions may change suddenly. You shall be solely responsible for the use of information on this website. Information provided is mainly catered to fully vaccinated Singapore citizens departing from Singapore. Please refer to your destination’s immigration policies and regulations if you do not fall under this category.